About GAWB About GAWB




GAWB owns and operates Awoonga Dam on the Boyne River along with bulk water distribution infrastructure.


Dam Levels

Awoonga Dam has been at or near full capacity during the last 12 months with flows over the spillway in 2013.



Working for GAWB is challenging and rewarding either starting a career or enhancing existing skills.



GAWB is responsible to the Honourable Mark Bailey MP, Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports and Minister for Energy and Water Supply.


Our Board

The Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for overseeing the performance and operation of GAWB.


Our Executive Team

The corporate structure of GAWB is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


Right To Information (RTI)

GAWB reports on its RTI and Information Privacy (IP) activities under the requirements of the legislation.



Annual Report, Strategic Water Plan, Drought Management Plan, Emergency Action Plan and other publications, maps, interractive flood mapping etc.