Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline project Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline project

The Queensland Government, in partnership with the Gladstone Area Water Board, is looking at water security to support the significant, long-term industry in the region which contributes to local employment and the State’s economy.

The proposed Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline is an option to address the single source water supply risk from Awoonga Dam enabling water security for GAWB’s urban and industrial customers.

Pre-construction activities

The Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water (the Department) has appointed GAWB as the delivery management proponent for pre-construction activities for the Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline project.

The Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline project comprises a 115 km pipeline, a water treatment plant, reservoirs and pumping stations.

The Department is progressing investigations into the full scope of the project, and GAWB is undertaking pre-construction activities in preparation for a potential approval in the first quarter of 2022.

The preconstruction activities to be undertaken by GAWB include:

  • the appointment of key advisors
  • addressing land tenure, permits and approvals
  • determining long lead time items (if required)
  • determining and commencing the preferred procurement strategy.


GAWB’s pre-construction contracting strategy includes the use of collaborative approaches to payment and reimbursement, and establishing a culture which delivers opportunity for both parties that reflects and delivers the outcomes sought.

Update: Release date for the Expression of Interest

Following the industry briefing on the Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline held 21 October 2021, GAWB has considered the feedback from industry representative bodyies and contractors on the Expression of Intrest (EOI) release date. The Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline project EOI release date is now 10 January 2022. The intention is to announce a preferred proponent by 14 April 2022. 

Key construction procurement dates are listed below. These dates may be subject to change.



21 October 2021

Industry briefing event

10 January 2022

Construction EOI issued to market

2 February 2022

Construction EOI period ends

3 March 2022

Construction RFTs issued to two shortlisted parties

14 April 2022

Preferred construction contractor selected

April 2022

Construction contract executed


Construction industry briefing – October 2021

On Thursday 21 October 2021, GAWB hosted a construction industry briefing event to outline the objectives of the pre-construction phase, scope of works and current and future opportunities for industry.

The presentation from the briefing event is available here for download. 

A recording of the the full briefing session can be found here

If you have questions about pre-construction activities, please contact the  Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline project team on