Strategic Water Plan Strategic Water Plan

Water is a valuable and scarce resource. Its efficient management in the Gladstone region, both for today and for the future, is a vital factor in the region's ability to grow and develop. Not only does the supply of high quality drinking water support the region's growing population, water is also an essential input into most industrial processes and therefore a key enabler for economic growth.

The Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) is committed to ensuring that the long and short term water needs of the Gladstone region are met in ways that are environmentally, socially and commercially sustainable. By this we mean that our actions and initiatives must attempt to achieve and support a viable balance between efficient use of the water resources we manage, the commercial interests of GAWB and the needs and aspirations of the community. On-going long term planning is vital to achieving an appropriate balance for the future.

To ensure that GAWB continues to be able to meet the water needs of current and future customers, it has updated its Strategic Water Plan. GAWB's Strategic Water Plan – November 2013 addresses the important inter-related water service issues of demand, security, reliability and price.