Signing up and using Track My Fish Lake Awoonga Signing up and using Track My Fish Lake Awoonga

You’ll first be presented with a number of introdructory screens which provide information about the App.  Swipe through until you get to the login screen.  
Click the Sign Up button (or login if you already have a Track My Fish account).  
Fill out the form, then sign in when you return to the login screen. On Android devices you may need to return to the App from the browser.  
On your first login you will be asked to fill out your profile, including setting a profile picture and postcode of residence/year of birth (this is optional).  
When you are ready to start recording catches, the second icon on the bottom of the screen will enable the photo screen.  Take the photo of the fish on the ruler using the phone in portrait and clicking the blue button at the bottom of the screen.  
If happy wityh the photo click the tick icon.   
Enter the species, length and any comments.  After that click submit and you are done.  The App will remember the species to reduce the data to be entered on the next catch.