Boynedale Bush Camp Boynedale Bush Camp

The Boynedale Bush camp is near the town of Nagoorin in Central Queensland. No booking is required to camp at Boynedale, and sites are on a "first-come, first-served" basis.


Turn onto Monto/Gladstone Road west of Calliope and drive for 26km – watch for signs for the site on the left and drive 1.9km in to the camping area - see Boynedale Bush camp map.


A basic facility, the bush camp is provided free to the public for camping for up to seven days within a thirty day period. The Gladstone Area Water Board has established toilet facilities, shelters and fire-circles. Depending on changing water levels , the launching of small watercraft may be possible. There's also a lookout nearby which provides great views of Lake Awoonga and Castletower National Park.

Please note that there is no electricity supply, rubbish bins or potable water available so campers must provide their own water. Note also that the bushcamp is operated as a sustainable campsite i.e.. campers are encouraged to leave their camp site tidy and any waste is to be removed and disposed of at an approved facility.  Roads are unsealed and may become slippery and boggy in wet weather.

Lake Awoonga is a wildlife sanctuary, GAWB discourages visitors from bringing pets to the area. Small dogs may be allowed at the Boynedale Bush Camp, and must be kept strictly under control at all times.

Camping at Lake Awoonga is permitted only at the Boynedale Bush Camp or at the main Lake Awoonga Recreation Area.


Boynedale bush camp