2024-06-23 19:59:53 DAM CAPACITY 53.00% 33.47M HEIGHT 413,032ML VOLUME

There is no closed season for barramundi at Lake Awoonga however seasonal size and possession limits apply. Please refer to DAF freshwater fishing regulations for all other species limits and permitted activities. A SIPS permit is not required to fish at Lake Awoonga.

Fish stocking in Lake Awoonga 

Each year the Gladstone Area Water Board stocks Lake Awoonga with fingerlings as part of the Environmental Licence. The primary species stocked are Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and Sea Mullet. Fingerlings are bred at Aquaculture Gladstone

Catch a $1K Barra!

As part of our ongoing commitment to the recreational fishery at Lake Awoonga, GAWB has introduced six unique ‘pink tagged’ Barramundi to the Lake, which are worth $1,000 each if caught!

For more information or to register your catch, please contact