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Turn onto Gladstone-Monto Road west of Calliope and drive for 26km – watch for signs for on the left and drive 1.9km in to the camping area – see Boynedale Bush Camp map.  Once turning into Boynedale Bush Camp, follow the track until you reach the boat ramp signage, located on the left hand side in the direction of travel.  


A basic facility, the bush camp is provided free to the public for camping for up to seven days within a thirty-day period. The Gladstone Area Water Board has established toilet facilities, shelters, fire pits and an adjacent boat ramp. There’s also a lookout nearby which provides great views of Lake Awoonga and Castle Tower National Park. 

Please note there is no electricity supply, rubbish bins or potable water available so campers must provide their own water. Note also the bush camp is operated as a sustainable campsite and campers are encouraged to leave their campsite tidy, with any waste removed and disposed of at an approved facility. Roads are unsealed and may become slippery and boggy in wet weather. 

Lake Awoonga is a wildlife sanctuary and to protect native wildlife, GAWB ask visitors to NOT bring pets to the area. Small dogs may be allowed at the Boynedale Bush Camp and must be kept strictly under control at all times. 

Camping at Lake Awoonga is permitted only at the Boynedale Bush Camp or at the Lake Awoonga Caravan Park, located at the Lake Awoonga Recreation Area. 

Camp Fires

Camp fires are currently permitted at Boynedale Bush Camp. If lighting a fire, please do so mindfully and safely .

Trevor Burgess Boat Ramp

The Trevor Burgess Boat Ramp is a single-lane boat ramp located at Boynedale Bush Camp.  

The Trevor Burgess Boat Ramp has been named after the late Trevor Burgess, a dedicated, long-time supporter of Lake Awoonga fishing. Trevor Burgess was passionate about Lake Awoonga fishing, participating in GAWB’s annual restocking of fingerlings in Lake Awoonga, hosting information nights to share his knowledge of the Lake and Barramundi fishing, and curating the Awoonga Alliance Facebook group, where people from all over Australia and beyond could access his fishing expertise. 

Trevor quickly became Lake Awoonga’s unofficial ambassador, drawing people to the area from far and wide to try their hand at fishing at what is arguably Gladstone’s most exceptional fishing location. 

It is GAWB’s hope that Trevor Burgess’ spirit lives on in every cast, every catch, and every shared fishing experience on Lake Awoonga.  

This boat ramp gives users a safe and accessible place to launch their watercrafts into Lake Awoonga. The boat ramp is approximately 4-metres in width and GAWB asks users to be mindful of whether their boat is of suitable size to be launched via the ramp. The end of the boat ramp has been distinguished with markers and a small amount of rock has been laid beyond that.  

Lake Awoonga is an excellent place to fish, with plenty of Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and Sea Mullet to be caught.  See Fishing at Lake Awoonga for more information.

Four Mile Scrub to Boynedale Bush Camp Rail Trail


To get to Four Mile Scrub (Southern entrance), after turning onto Gladstone Monto Road, drive for approximately 33kms and the Rail Trail entrance will be on your left-hand side, in the direction of travel. 

Four Mile Scrub to Boynedale Bush Camp Rail Trail 

The Four Mile Scrub to Boynedale Bush Camp Rail Trail is a 6km walking track that forms part of the extensive Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail network. It’s an enjoyable journey by foot or bicycle, however the Four Mile Scrub section is reserved for foot traffic only. 

Four Mile Scrub: conserving endangered regional ecosystems 

Visitors will walk through Four Mile Scrub, an area containing an endangered regional ecosystem that is home to plant life critical to the natural environment of the region. In collaboration with Gladstone Regional Council and Conservation Volunteers Australia, GAWB has restored vegetation in the area and re-established a population of Murraya Crenulata (Rutaceae) at Four Mile Scrub. Murraya Crenulata is known for its aromatic leaves and white flowers.  

Amenities such as toilet facilities, shelters and camping are available at the trailhead at the Boynedale Bush Camp. 

Domestic pets like cats and dogs are permitted when visiting Boynedale Bush Camp.  

Things to do



Fish for barramundi (and other fish) all year round



Enjoy a picnic or barbecue



Go swimming with family or friends



Go sailing, canoeing or skiing



Saunter along one of the landscaped walking trails



Photograph the wonderful wildlife or go bird watching (around 25% of Australia's bird species can be found in the region)



Explore the beauty of Lake Awoonga by boat



Sit back, relax and take in the lovely landscapes and sensational scenery.

Events at Lake Awoonga

Do you or your club want to hold an event at Lake Awoonga?

Please complete an Application to hold event at Lake Awoonga and submit it to GAWB at least three months before your planned event.

Please note if your event is a aquatic, ie on the lake, an application must also be made to Maritime Safety Queensland:

Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) Main Website    |    MSQ Information regarding Aquatic Event Applications 

     |     MSQ Information regarding COVID-19 Checklists and Protocols 

No dogs or cats allowed at the Awoonga Recreational Area.