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50 Years of Operations

2023 marks 50 years of operation for Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB). Established in 1973 as a Project Board under the Public Works Organisation and Environmental Control Act 1971-73, GAWB has experienced tremendous growth over the past five decades. GAWB has played an integral role within the Gladstone region, consistently prioritising the safe, secure, and reliable delivery of water.

To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we held a series of special events throughout 2023. Some of the highlights included:

At the centre of our 50th celebrations is our Lake Awoonga Scavenger Hunt and ‘Then and Now’, our water history exhibition. We encourage you to find out more below.

GAWB extends our acknowledgement and heartfelt thanks to all GAWB employees, customers, community members and the Queensland Government, all of whom have helped shape GAWB’s journey over the past 50 years. Our water story is your water story.

Then & Now

Gladstone Area Water Board is proud to present our corporate history project, ‘Then and Now’, a visual exhibition which brings the Gladstone region’s water supply history and growth to life. The exhibition consists of illustrated panels which explore the shared water stories of in our region, including the Indigenous, industry and community stories of how we interact with and celebrate water. We thank the many local community members and businesses who shared their stories and are helping us to celebrate 50 years of Gladstone Area Water Board.

To celebrate our region’s shared water history, ‘Then and Now’ was officially launched in October 2023 and is now embarking on a 12-month roadshow around the Gladstone region. Details of the roadshow are below and you can follow it’s progress on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. We hope you get a chance to come and check out our exhibition!

Where is the Then & Now exhibition today?
November 2023 – Oaks Gladstone Grand Hotel (until 11 December)
December 2023 – Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre (until 5 January)
January 2024 – Gladstone Events Centre
February 2024 – Gladstone City Library
March 2024 – Gladstone Airport
April 2024 – Gladstone Engineering Alliance
May 2024 – CQU Library
June 2024 – Boyne Island Tannum Sands Library (31 May to 14 June) and Calliope Library (14 June to 1 July)
July 2024 – Gladstone Centre Plaza 
August 2024 – Gladstone Central Hotel

Lake Awoonga Scavenger Hunt

The Lake Awoonga Scavenger Hunt was a resounding success – thank you to the more than 250 families who participated!

Active from July to November 2023, the Lake Awoonga Scavenger Hunt was a free, community focused event which encouraged families to visit Lake Awoonga and using clues, hunt for the elusive golden pelican, GAWBie.

A $500 gift voucher was given to successful hunters each month, and one lucky girl won the major prize – a $3000 travel voucher.

We extend our thanks to all the families who participated, and to our radio partner 4CC for their active support of our scavenger hunt. Stay tuned to see if GAWBie flies again!


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