2024-04-24 21:52:03 DAM CAPACITY 54.00% 33.80M HEIGHT 421,657ML VOLUME


GAWB undertakes a wide range of projects every year as part of maintaining and developing our asset base. This work ensures the safety of the community and workers within GAWB, the water supply needs of our customers and the protection of the environment. Below is a summary of some of our projects.

Awoonga Dam Improvement Project

The Awoonga Dam Improvement Project will deliver upgrades to the dam which will improve the dam’s performance in the event of extreme weather events.

The upgrades will include anchoring and concrete works in the primary spillway, as well as other works to increase the dam’s ability to handle larger and more extreme flood events.

With the likelihood of more extreme weather events to occur in the future, the project ensures the dam is maintained in line with current best-management practices, while meeting GAWB’s commitment to delivering safe and reliable water supply for the Gladstone region. It also ensures the ongoing compliance with the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 and the Dam Safety Conditions Schedule (DSCS) for Awoonga Dam.

This project is still in the planning and investigation phase to determine the optimum solution. It is expected the full scope of work will take a number of years to complete.

During 2024, GAWB’s technical teams will be onsite to undertake geotechnical investigations to verify the site’s geological (ground and soil) conditions that will inform the development of a concept design, ahead of construction.

Image of the Awoonga Dam wall, with water in the foreground

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