Awoonga Dam Awoonga Dam

GAWB owns and operates Awoonga Dam on the Boyne River along with a network of delivery pipelines, water treatment plants and other bulk water distribution infrastructure in the Gladstone region in Central Queensland.  GAWB holds an allocation of 78,000 ML per annum from Awoonga Dam by virtue of a Resource Operatons Licene issued pursuant to the Water Resource (Boyne River Basin Plan) 2000.

Boyne Island Resource Operations Licence (ROL)


The Boyne River Basin is located in Queensland's central coast region and covers approximately 2590 square kilometres. The catchment is bound by Many Peaks Range to the east, Dawes Range to the south, Calliope Range to the south-west and Boyne Range to the west. The terrain is relatively steep with heights ranging from 600 to 850 metres above sea level. The Boyne River Basin plan area comprises a single catchment with one major river system (the Boyne River) and a number of tributaries (including Ridler, Degalgil, Marble and Diglum Creeks) that drain to Gladstone Harbour and the Great Barrier Reef. 

The climate of the Boyne River Basin is classified as sub-tropical with warm to hot summers and mild dry winters. The average annual rainfall in the basin ranges between 800 and 1000 millimetres.

Gladstone is the major regional centre in the Boyne River Basin, and is an area of economic significance at both a state and a national level due to its metals processing industries, power generation and port facilities, which all utilise water sourced from the Boyne River, more specifically Awoonga Dam.

A number of ecologically important areas and protected areas both within and adjacent to the plan area include the Coral Sea, Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, Dugong Protection Areas, Boyne Island Conservation Park and various national parks and state forests. More specifically, Diglum Creek has significant environmental values including rainforest and coastal significant vegetation and important habitat of the critically endangered Kroombit tinkerfrog (Taudactylus pleione).