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Water Supply

Gladstone Area Water Board supplies raw and bulk water to customers in Central Queensland. Water is an integral part of our lives. The diagram below demonstrates the water supply chain for the Gladstone region.

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) monitors the prices we charge customers for water, and every five years the prices are reviewed by the QCA.

In December 2023, the Queensland Government issued a Referral Notice to the QCA initiating the next review process. In May 2024 the Queensland Treasurer issued an amending Referral Notice to the QCA, which amends the scope of the review.

GAWB tendered a submission to the QCA on 31 May 2024 which details GAWB’s proposed allowable costs, allowable revenue and indicative bulk water prices in accordance with the provisions of the amending Referral Notice.

The QCA is required to publish a Draft Report by 29 November 2024 and a Final Report by 30 April 2025.

For more information about the process, please visit the QCA website.

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