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Our strategic direction

In 2018, GAWB commissioned a strategic development process to review the organisation’s operational and strategic goals to ensure GAWB’s long-term success as the region’s bulk water supplier.

Our 5-year strategic plan came into effect on 1 July 2020, seeking to prioritise strategies that minimise risk and realise benefits from the opportunities presented to us.

Recognising our unique position as the region’s sole bulk water supplier, and guided by our core values, our strategic plan focuses on six key objectives:

  1. safe, resilient and reliable water supply
  2. high customer and community satisfaction
  3. skilled, safe and responsive workforce
  4. operational sustainability
  5. water security
  6. growth. 

These objectives address risks such as climate change, water supply reliability challenges, changing economic conditions, a limited customer base and an extremely competitive local workforce market. Importantly, the strategies outlined in the strategic plan ensure GAWB can greatly improve its overall resilience, support viability of new locally based industrial projects, contribute to regional economic development, enhance workforce capability and embrace technology to enhance safe, reliable and efficient water delivery.

Our full 2024 – 2028 strategic plan can be found here.

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