2024-04-25 02:27:40 DAM CAPACITY 54.00% 33.79M HEIGHT 421,657ML VOLUME


Queuing Guideline

GAWB has a Queuing Guideline (Source Capacity), which outlines the process for Water Seekers to apply to access water from Awoonga Dam. The Queuing Guideline sets out the process and criteria GAWB applies to determine a Water Seeker’s position in the queue for water supply as well as the frequency their position in the queue will be reviewed.

Find out more about the Queuing Guideline.

Water Applications

GAWB undertook an application process to establish the queue for water supply and to allot remaining available water in mid to late 2023.  GAWB has finalised its assessment process of water applications received since the lifting of the Low Supply Alert and will be engaging with a number of water seekers to enter into Water Supply Contracts over the coming months. 

A water application can be submitted to GAWB at any time. The Queuing Guideline will be applied in the assessment of all applications to determine a water seeker’s position in the queue for water supply, the frequency their position in the queue will be reviewed and how available capacity will be allotted.

The Queensland Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water (DRDMW) is undertaking further studies to secure additional water supply for the Gladstone region to support economic growth and development.

Further processes for allotment of water are anticipated in the future when additional supply becomes available.

Download the Water Application Form.

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Events at Awoonga Dam

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