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School tours

Interested in a tour of our facilities? 

We offer tours of the Awoonga Dam wall and pump station and of the interpretive display at Aquaculture Gladstone, our multi-species fish hatchery. 

Tours are available all year around, dependent on operations, and generally run for about 90 minutes. 

Who can attend?
Our tours are open to students of all ages!

What is covered in a tour?
Tours can be tailored to the needs of your school, but our program is most suitable for students learning about water quality, the water cycle, marine studies, science and other STEM based subjects.

Some of the subjects we’ve covered before include water treatment and testing, the water cycle, dam operations, blue green algae, aquaculture, environmental management and fisheries.

Book now
For tours of our hatchery interpretive display, please visit our Aquaculture Gladstone page

To enquire about a tour of the Dam Wall and Pump Station, please contact us directly at

Let us know via email the date you’d like to visit and the anticipated size of your group. We require a minimum of four weeks’ notice for a tour booking of the dam wall.

Can’t make it out of the classroom?
That’s okay! We can also come to you. From time to time, GAWB can deliver classroom presentations on topics such as water quality, catchment management, aquaculture and much more.



Events at Lake Awoonga

Do you or your club want to hold an event at Lake Awoonga?

Please complete an Application to hold event at Lake Awoonga and submit it to GAWB at least three months before your planned event.

Please note if your event is a aquatic, ie on the lake, an application must also be made to Maritime Safety Queensland:

Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) Main Website    |    MSQ Information regarding Aquatic Event Applications 

     |     MSQ Information regarding COVID-19 Checklists and Protocols