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Our Team

Our team are committed to undertaking our procurement of goods and services, including construction, in line with the six principles of Queensland Procurement Policy.

GAWB offers work through tenders and various arrangements for medium to high risk/value procurements, and request for quotes or through preferred or standing offer arrangements for low risk/low value purchases.  We encourage contractors, consultants and suppliers to tender for the supply of goods and services.

Invitations to offer are called for major projects which are listed on the Governments QTenders website.

Doing Business With GAWB

We value the health and safety off all employees, contractors and sub-contractors, and as a minimum expect the same work health and safety standards to apply to all.

Contractors working at GAWB sites must also ensure that they meet the necessary site access requirements, depending on the type of work to be undertaken. It may be necessary for additional induction and training in the site access, permit to work and other specific risk processes used on individual sites.