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Lake Awoonga Scavenger Hunt 2024

The Lake Awoonga Scavenger Hunt returns for 2024, complete with a brand-new mascot, Barry the Barramundi!

Explore the beautiful Lake Awoonga recreation areas, solve intriguing clues to locate Barry and compete for a share in our amazing $5,000 prize pool. 

The Lake Awoonga Scavenger Hunt is open to everyone, young and old.  It’s free to enter – all you need is a sense of adventure and access to a phone! 

How do I play?

1. Find the first clue on our website or social media channels.

2. Head out to Lake Awoonga and start searching for our mate, Barry the Barramundi. There are three clues in total that will lead you to Barry.

3. When you find Barry, scan the QR code on the sign next to him, submit your details and this will enter you into the monthly prize draw.

4. The monthly prize draw will be announced live on air by 4CC radio at the start of the new month.  The winner will then be posted on our social media channels.

5. A new month begins, bringing another chance to complete the Lake Awoonga Scavenger Hunt and the opportunity to share in $5,000 worth of prizes.

Ready for July’s clue?

Found Barry? Submit your entry here!

Get ready to join us for an adventure of a lifetime!