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New Lake Awoonga marine zone in effect from today, Monday 1 July 2024

All motorised watercraft are prohibited from entering a new marine zone at Lake Awoonga’s Riverston Bay from today (Monday 1 July 2024), making it safer for people wanting to swim, kayak, stand up paddle board or just float around in calm protected water.

Gladstone Area Water Board CEO Darren Barlow said the Riverston Bay marine zone was established by Maritime Safety Queensland and penalties will apply to any motorised watercraft users who enter the area.

“Community feedback has been very positive since we announced this change in April, from motorised and non-motorised watercraft users alike,” Mr Barlow said.

“The marine zone is in effect from today. It’s important for all visitors to be aware of their surroundings, and pay particular attention to the signage and marker bouys demarcating the marine zone.

“This change provides certainty for swimmers, kids, kayakers etc, who can now enter the water at Riverston Bay without worrying about boats, jet skis and waterskiiers.

“Boats and jet skis are still more than welcome at Lake Awoonga – there’s plenty of space in the 7,000 hectare lake, and the main public boat ramp and Trevor Burgess boat ramp remain unaffected.

“This change is another great liveability initiative made possible by the 2020-2025 Lake Awoonga Recreation Strategy.”

The new maritime safety marine zone has been established around Riverston Bay at Lake Awoonga.

New boundary marker buoys have been installed inside the existing six knot mark bouys, along with new signage at Riverston Bay and main public boat ramp.

For more information about the Riverston Bay marine zone, visit

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Lake Awoonga is a much loved feature of the Gladstone region.

Gladstone Area Water Board provides recreational facilities at Lake Awoonga for the community to enjoy for free, including boat ramps, picnic areas, barbeques, playgrounds and the Boynedale Bush Camp.