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Volunteers making waves at Aquaculture Gladstone

Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) has welcomed its first group of Aquaculture Gladstone volunteers, just in time for the upcoming school holiday rush.

Supporting the Aquaculture Gladstone Interpretive Display, the volunteers educate visitors about hatchery operations, fingerling production, Lake Awoonga and more.

GAWB CEO Darren Barlow said he was thrilled to have the first volunteers on board.

“Our program partner, NFP House, have done an excellent job recruiting these passionate, community focused individuals,” Mr Barlow said.

“We’re deeply humbled that they are willing to contribute their personal time to us, particularly as the interpretive display grows in popularity.”

With the support of volunteers, the interpretive display will be open from Monday to Saturday between 9am and 3pm throughout the winter school holiday period (Monday 24 June to Saturday 6 July). There will also be a public fish feeding demonstration every day at noon.

“Public interest has exceeded our expectations and we’re pleased we can expand our opening hours for the school holidays,” Mr Barlow said.

“Expanded opening hours mean more visitors can enjoy the interpretive display and see – up close – the incredibly rare Golden Barramundi and White Barramundi.”

With the first volunteers now on deck, the Aquaculture Gladstone volunteer program will continue to grow.

“Volunteering is a great way to contribute to our region and there is always room for like-minded people to get involved,” Mr Barlow said.

“So, if you’re someone with an interest in fishing or aquaculture, and have some time to volunteer, please get in touch with NFP House.”

For more information about the Aquaculture Gladstone volunteer program and to apply, please visit the NFP House Volunteer Portal ( or email NFP House (

Please do not sent applications directly to GAWB.