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Three $5k Barra up for grabs

Three tagged Barramundi worth $5,000 each will be up for grabs as part of the 2017 Boyne Tannum Hook Up (BTHU).

The Gladstone Area Water Board has announced a partnership with the BTHU to sponsor the Tagged Fish Category.

Three adult Barramundi would be caught from Lake Awoonga  and be fitted with a special BTHU tag before being released back into the Lake in time for the Hook Up.

For more details view our Media Release or visit the Boyne Tannum Hook Up webpage.


Fishing & Boating

Enthusiastic anglers come to Lake Awoonga to catch the famed barramundi of which over two million have been released into the lake. The largest caught weighing in at a hefty 33.3 kgs. In addition, Lake Awoonga is one of the few dams in Queensland to have been stocked with mangrove jack.

Catch Limits

There is no closed season for barramundi at Lake Awoonga however seasonal size and possession limits apply. DAFF fishing regulations govern capture of all other species. A permit is not required to fish at Lake Awoonga.


A public boat ramp is located at the Lake Awoonga recreation area. Boat users of the lake should be aware that submerged hazards exist because of fluctuating water levels. The waters of Lake Awoonga are controlled by Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol and Queensland Water Police under the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994 enforced to prevent potentially dangerous activities. The onus for safety is on the owner and master of the vessel.

Surveys of Flora and Fauna

Both the lake and the entire length of the Boyne River have been extensively surveyed. Numbers of macroinvertebrates and other water dwelling creatures found in surveys are consistent with a healthy lake and downstream waterway.

Fauna Refuge

Lake Awoonga is home to a thriving array of native animals of which several are of conservation significance. The lake and surrounding lands provide habitat for animals in and adjacent to the clear fresh waters created by Awoonga Dam.

Flora Refuge

More than 415 plant varieties play a vital role in the health of the Lake Awoonga region. Ranging from vine thickets and rainforests to woodlands and aquatic plants they include several plants of conservation significance.

Holding an Event at Lake Awoonga

Use of some facilities may be permitted following application to the Gladstone Area Water Board for special events such as

  • Fishing Competition
  • Weddings
  • School Excursions
  • Water Events

An Application to Hold Event at Lake Awoonga must be submitted to the Gladstone Area Water Board at least 3 months prior to your planned event for approval. Please note that if your event is an Aquatic Event, application will also need to be made to Maritime Safety Queensland –

Camping at Lake Awoonga Recreation Area

At Lake Awoonga camping is permitted only at the Lake Awoonga Caravan Park or on the other side of the lake at the Boynedale Bush Camp. 

Barbecues and Campfires at Lake Awoonga Recreation Area

Sheltered picnic and BBQ areas are located throughout the Lake Awoonga Recreation Area. No fires are to be lit outside of designated fireplaces

Disabled Access at Lake Awoonga Recreation Area

Lake Awoonga has specially designated parking bays, and selected picnic areas that are accessible to the disabled. Visitors with special needs are advised to contact the Rangers on 0419 661 482 prior to arrival so that they can reserve appropriate facilities. Disabled toilet access is available at Ironbark Gully and Riverstone Bay.

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Blue Green Algae Level


Blue-Green Algae Levels at the main recreation area at Lake Awoonga (Riverston Bay) and the Boynedale Bushcamp Recreation Area.

$29 million upgrade brings water security and jobs to Gladstone

A $29 million upgrade to Gladstone's water storage system will bring additional water security and a jobs boost for Gladstone.

Minister for Water Supply Mark Bailey said Gladstone residents and industries currently rely on Awoonga Dam as the sole supply of water.

"A new $29 million Offline Storage Facility and Standby Pump System will be built to complement the existing water supply at Awoonga Dam," Mr Bailey said.

Read the full media release here.