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Aquaculture Gladstone hits restocking milestone for the first time

Aquaculture Gladstone fish hatchery has released another 85,000 Barramundi fingerlings into Lake Awoonga, hitting their annual restocking target for the first time ever.

1.1475 million Barramundi fingerlings were released during the current restocking period (July 2023 to June 2024), thanks to the world class production capabilities of the Aquaculture Gladstone fish hatchery, owned and operated by Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB).

GAWB Chief Executive Officer Darren Barlow said it was another special achievement in a year of exciting milestones for Aquaculture Gladstone.

“These fingerlings are part of one of the largest fish stocking programs in Queensland, allowing us to reach our annual Barramundi restocking target for the first time in history,” Mr Barlow said.

“Aquaculture Gladstone is now operating at peak capacity, producing on average 5 times more fingerlings than our old Lord Street facility.

“The restocking program demonstrates our commitment to the sustainability of the lake and attracting anglers to catch the big Barramundi Lake Awoonga is renowned for.

“This milestone is also testament to the skill and talent of our hatchery team who have worked hard to streamline operations and kickstart our restocking program after a hiatus during construction.”

The team will now begin preparations for the first Mangrove Jack spawn at Aquaculture Gladstone. In addition to its successful fish breeding program, Aquaculture Gladstone has recently opened an interpretive display at the hatchery.

The new interpretive display creates an accessible experience for visitors to learn about the different fish species being bred at the Aquaculture Gladstone fish hatchery, the aquaculture industry more broadly, biosecurity and biological pest species.

There is also a live fish exhibit where visitors can watch the incredibly rare Golden Barramundi and White Barramundi. For more information about Aquaculture Gladstone, including how to visit the interpretive display or book a group tour, please visit