2024-05-22 20:35:29 DAM CAPACITY 54.00% 33.67M HEIGHT 421,657ML VOLUME

GAWB operates a water delivery system which includes both raw (non-potable) and treated (potable) water. The water delivery system comprises a network of pipelines, pump stations, chlorination units and reservoirs for balancing storage. Underlying tenure for water delivery is predominantly contained in pipeline easements but also includes some elements within GAWB’s freehold land and other elements within government reserves.

GAWB owns and manages more than 200 kilometres of bulk water pipelines and related infrastructure in the Gladstone region. This network efficiently transports bulk water from Awoonga Dam storage to water treatment plants to distribution networks owned and operated by GAWB.

The Awoonga Pump Station pumps water from Lake Awoonga at a rate of up to 2,850 litres per second. The water is carried to Gladstone through a series of pipelines, ranging in diameter from 700mm to 1440mm.

The bulk water network allows water to be moved across the region to where it is needed most to ensure a consistent supply of high quality water.