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Gladstone Area Water Board commemorates 50 years with tree planting day

As part of Gladstone Area Water Board 50th anniversary celebrations, GAWB joined forces with students from Calliope High School and community representatives on the GAWB Community Consultative Forum, to plant an ‘avenue of trees.’

The tree planting day took place on Thursday 14 September as part of GAWB’s program of works to celebrate 50 years of operation.

GAWB’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Scott Wikman, said the newly planted trees will celebrate the 50 years of legacy that GAWB has created within the Gladstone region.

“We’ve planted an avenue of trees along the entrance of our recreational destination, Boynedale Bush Camp, to create a natural beautiful and welcoming space for the community”, Mr Wikman said.

“These trees will be a permanent, natural celebration of GAWB’s commitment to the region and contribute to the beauty of the Boynedale Bush Camp.

“Having the involvement of the students at Calliope High School was really important to us as it is the students and younger generations who will see these trees at their best in 40-50 years’ time.

“GAWB has a long-history and a bright future, and each tree planted will provide for the community, as GAWB has done over the past fifty years.” The avenue of trees has been planted at the Boynedale Bush Camp, which is situated at Lake Awoonga, approximately 30kms from Gladstone city centre.

The drought tolerant trees, a mix of Harpullia Pendula (also known as Tulip Wood) and Melaleuca Bracteata (also known as Black Tea Tree), have been planted on each side of the road leading into the Bush Camp.

GAWB consulted with Toondoon Botanic Gardens on the best species to plant and sourced the tree saplings from the gardens to ensure they would be suitable for the conditions at Boynedale Bush Camp.

The tree planting day is just one of the many achievements within GAWB’s 50th year of operations. Other activities have been the opening of the Four Mile Scrub to Boynedale Bush Camp Rail Trail, a new First Nations mural installation at GAWB’s head office which visually represents the four Traditional Owner Groups and their connection to Lake Awoonga, and the new Trevor Burgess Boat ramp which provides a safe and reliable access to the southern side of Lake Awoonga for the first time.