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GAWB water network data now available for free on QSpatial online portal

Gladstone Area Water Board has released Geospatial Information System (GIS) data about our water supply network alignments to make it easier for private enterprise, local councils and the State Government to plan for, and invest in, future infrastructure projects supported by the GAWB network.

The datasets – which are now available free of charge on the Queensland Government’s QSpatial website – provide detailed information that is useful for planning and design professionals, including civil engineers, land and engineering surveyors, and GIS specialists, working in asset maintenance, and the planning, procurement and tender preparation stages of project development across the region.

The four separate datasets provide geographical, alignment and basic details about GAWB’s water treatment plants, storage reservoirs, water delivery pipelines, and pump stations – which are the backbone for supplying bulk, raw and treated water to existing and future customers across the GAWB network.

The readily available information makes it easier for external organisations to plan future infrastructure projects, manage interactions between proposed and existing GAWB infrastructure, and manage land-access issues using tools, such as surveying and engineering design software.

Importantly, because the information is available on call, anytime, external users can access the data almost instantly, reducing the impact of GIS data requests on GAWB employees’ time and resources.

The QSpatial (Queensland Spatial Catalogue) online portal service is a Queensland Government open data initiative that provides improved public access to a variety of spatial and associated data. The online portal allows anyone to discover, display, select and download, or order digital data.

To take a look at the GAWB dataset release, visit the QSpatial website and search for ‘GAWB’.