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Awoonga Dam

Awoonga Dam is the fourth largest dam in Qld with a total storage capacity of 776,854ML.


Catchment Management

The focus of GAWB's catchment management is to achieve an appropriate balance in various outcomes. 


Delivery Infrastructure

GAWB owns and operates Awoonga Dam along with a network of bulk water distribution infrastructure. 


Fish Hatchery

GAWB (supported by the Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited) operates a fish hatchery for the purpose of supplying fingerlings to restock the lake.


Operational Process

How much drinking water do we supply from our water filtration plants each day?


Water Quality

Water quality is tested regularly and the treatment process is monitored regularly against industry guidelines.  


Water Treatment

GAWB is committed to continually improving water quality and the way drinking water is treated, assessed, monitored and delivered.