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Past, present and future on display for Gladstone Area Water Board 50th Anniversary

Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) has buried a time capsule at Lake Awoonga on Friday 10 November, the final event in a year-long celebration to commemorate 50 years of operations.

Reflecting the organisation’s rich water supply history, the time capsule features items which represent GAWB and Lake Awoonga and will be opened in 50 years.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Angela Moody, said the time capsule provides a snapshot of GAWB at this moment in time.

“GAWB is experiencing an unprecedented period of growth and transformation.

The items inside this time capsule will give future generations of GAWB employees a priceless look at the foundations laid before their time at GAWB,” Mrs. Moody said.

“This event concludes our program of 50th anniversary events, aimed at recognising Gladstone’s water supply history and the contributions GAWB has made to the region since 1973.

“Our 50th anniversary program of events also included ‘Water Connections’, a public facing First Nations mural at our Goondoon Street office, an ‘Avenue of Trees’ at Boynedale Bush Camp, the first ever Lake Awoonga Scavenger Hunt, and ‘Then & Now’, a roaming visual display that highlights Gladstone’s water supply history.

“Our goal was to celebrate and highlight the critical role water has played in the growth and prosperity of the Gladstone region – something we’re all incredibly proud to be a part of.”

Gladstone Area Water Board Chair, Adrienne Ward, said the 50th anniversary celebrations were an important milestone for the organisation.

“I congratulate all GAWB staff, past and present, for their hard work over the past fifty years,” said Ms Ward.

“GAWB has a long history and bright future, and while we might not be there to see the time capsule opened in another 50 years, it commemorates an important moment in Gladstone’s water story.

“GAWB’s commitment to delivering safe and reliable water services to our region’s major industry, alongside the recent completion of recreational assets like the 4 Mile Scrub to Boynedale Bush Camp Rail Trail, the Trevor Burgess Boat Ramp and the Aquaculture Gladstone Interpretive Display which will improve the livability of our region and support our community and tourism for the Gladstone region.

“That’s definitely a reason to celebrate.”