2020 - 2025 Price Monitoring Investigation Submission 2020 - 2025 Price Monitoring Investigation Submission

Water is an integral part of our lives but the scope of the urban water supply chain is not well understood. The diagram below demonstrates the typical water supply chain for the Gladstone Region. 

Diagram of water supply chain in the Gladstone region

GAWB provides bulk raw and drinking water to industrial customers, power stations and the Gladstone Regional Council.  To ensure we manage the assets associated with the delivery of bulk water efficiently, the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) provides oversight of the money we can collect via prices for the use of our bulk water assets. This is to ensure we, as the sole provider of bulk water services, in the Gladstone Region, set our prices at an appropriate level.

Engaging with our stakeholders

GAWB is committed to effective stakeholder engagement and believes it is essential to building trust and delivering successful projects and initiatives that provide mutual value for GAWB, our customers and the community. To ensure this commitment is achieved in the context of our next Price Monitoring Investigation Submission (2020-2025), GAWB is seeking stakeholder input early in its planning and decision-making processes.

Through the following engagement activities, GAWB will provide information and discuss projects or initiatives which may affect stakeholders, listen to their feedback and/or design solutions together.

Community Consultative Forum

One of our engagement initiatives is the establishment of a Community Consultative Forum (CCF). The CCF will provide a medium through which we can capture views and ideas from the wider Gladstone community on ways to increase liveability in the region and opportunities to enhance public value. The CCF will comprise approximately 12 representatives from a diverse cross section of community groups and peak organisations that directly serve the Gladstone community.

Meeting Minutes:

Customer Representative Panel

To build on our understanding of what our direct customers want, GAWB will establish the Customer Representative Panel (CRP). The CRP will consist of representatives from a cross-section of our customer base. The CRP will assist GAWB in ensuring our investment plans for 2020-25 are aligned with the long-term interests of our customers. It will also assist GAWB in considering the views and ideas generated by the CCF. This consultative group builds on our business-as-usual engagement activities.